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5 Great Sleep Hygiene Tips for a Restful Night

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If it seems as though you just can’t get to bed early enough, perhaps you should look at what you do in the hours leading up to bedtime.  Our habits before we lay down for our nightly snooze not only impact how long it takes to fall asleep, but they can affect how well-rested those hours of sleep will make you feel.  We’ll share the 5 most-important sleep hygiene tips to maximize those hours between laying down and popping up in the morning.

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Review: Nordstrom Rack Down Feather Pillow

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I’ve been on a mission to perfect my sleeping environment for the past few months.  While some tips and tricks can go a long way to helping get better sleep, I’ve been really honing in on finding my perfect pillow at a great price.  While our mattresses are crafted to be super comfortable and deliver great back support, what we don’t have control over is how to support your precious head.  Today I’ll be looking at an affordable down and feather pillow I found at Nordstrom Rack – let’s dive in.

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